Why Can I Only Wear Gold Earrings?

It's true and well-known that women like to wear accessories. Some more, others less, but almost no women say no to a small accessory. Among them, earrings are probably the most desirable.

Some women have a set of earrings they wear for years, while others prefer to change them everyday. Some women prefer bigger ones, smaller ones, simplified designs, or more intricate filigree. But when it comes to the material, some women have seem to have a hard time wearing anything but full gold or gold plated earrings.

Potential Reason Why You Can Only Wear Gold or Gold Plated Earrings?


Non gold materials such as brass, nickel or bronze, are more prone to causing infections than precious metals. These components cause an allergic reaction and itching in many. In fact, many women get ear infections from wearing earrings. This type of inflammatory reaction, usually caused by wearing costume jewelry, is called Contact Dermatitis. It happens when cells present in the epidermis transport nickel residues to the blood and sensitize the skin.

Materials that oxidize quickly cause allergies. This can happen not only with earrings, but with watches and even with the buttons of the pants when they rub on the waist.

There are some tricks that can alleviate allergies. From the most traditional to the most modern.

In a pharmacy, you may find allergy creams that are specific to ear holes. Ointments can sometimes work miracles. Cortisone creams or antihistamines often help as well.

The best option to avoid this type of problem is to invest in jewelry plated in legitimate gold or silver with natural stones. These types of pieces do not compromise the health of the skin and typically look better as well :).

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