Can I Wear Silver and Gold Jewelry Together?

Not only can you, but you should!

For a long time mixing silver and gold was totally out of the question, but good thing that times have changed! 

Typically gold has always been considered more formal than Silver, but if you know how to properly match silver pieces to a formal occasion, you can wear them without worrying that are under-dressed.

Silver tones, when used during casual occasions, give a modern and versatile appearance to a given look. Silver is also often times also worn in summer for a more casual appearance.

There are some preconceived notions regarding the use of gold and silver in jewelry. However, if you have good sense in combining jewelry, nothing prevents you from breaking these patterns. Remember that, you should feel confident in your outfit! Above all, the most important thing is to not let go of your preferences. With our tips, you can combine both gold and silver jewelry according to your desired outfit and still feel confident that you look incredible.




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