About Lusa Jewelry

We are adventurers, cosmopolitans, trendspotters, and above all else, fashionistas. We seek out the hidden, the unknown, to satiate our desire for blending culture and fashion.  We’ve discovered a faded sophistication secluded away in the timeworn allure of Europe’s hidden gem, Portugal.  Now we’re dedicated to curating the beauty of Portugal through our jewelry. Our designs are inspired by the culture, the landscape, the details, and the emotions a traveler experiences while exploring the country.  Our mission is two-fold really. We provide high quality sterling silver jewelry at brass made prices, and we support the Portuguese economy, its rich history, and its culture. All our designs are created by locally sourced Portuguese designers, and all our jewelry is proudly made in Portugal.

The Experience

We’ve found our love in Portugal and want to share that love with our customers. We’re dedicated to creating a “window” into the country’s culture and landscape through Lusa Jewelry.  Our designs capture the details found in day-to-day patterns and fashion centricity of the country. We use our storefront and social media channels to take customers on a visual adventure.  Our goal is to use Portugal to inspire curiosity, a sense of beauty, nostalgia, and self-confidence.

The Quality

Portugal is a symbol of quality craftsmanship to us.  Much of its rich architecture has stood for hundreds of years, and we try to reflect that quality in our products. All our jewelry is made from a base of .925 Sterling Silver, and many have been plated with 14 Karat Gold or adorned with semi-precious gemstones.  We supply our customers with jewelry that will last the test of time much like the country it has been inspired from.

The Price

Many residents of Portugal enjoy low costs of living and a high quality of life, and we want to emulate that sensibility.  We deliver high quality Sterling Silver priced competitive to many brass-made jewelry brands in the United States. We believe in making quality products available at a fair price for everyone to enjoy, time and time again.

The Designs

Our designs have been inspired by the culture and landscape of Portugal.  The country is filled with a sense of fashion centricity that inspired us to create a spectrum of designs to fit all occasions.  From jewelry that stands out from the crowd when you need to make a statement, to jewelry that compliments your day-to-day fashion sense and projects self-confidence.

The Community

We want to foster a community of like minded fashion-forward adventurers. A positive place where participants can inspire one another to take risks, fulfill their dreams, and chase their passions. We would love to hear about your travels abroad, and what you have learned while discovering new places. All are welcome to the Lusa community, and we would love for you to join.  

The Impact

We are proud to say that all our metals and gemstones are mined directly in Portugal, all our designers are sourced and hired in Portugal, and all our products are made in Portugal. We want to hire more Portuguese locals and buy from more Portuguese vendors to make a positive impact on the Portuguese economy.  As we grow, we are happy to say that our impact on Portugal will grow as well.